Journal of the Arkansas Association for Developmental Education (JAADE)
Submissions due in March

We, as educators, know about helping students in developmental educations classes. We do research and we know what strategies work. We are also evaluated for scholarly engagement, presentations, and professional development. Consider writing down your research and insights to be published in JAADE.

Journal of the Arkansas Association for Developmental Education (JAADE) – JAADE is the professional journal of the Arkansas Association for Developmental Education. Articles regarding scholarly research as well as articles concerning the practical application of this research in a developmental class or program are invited for submission. Complete guidelines can be found on the attached link. Submissions for publication should be sent to the JAADE Editor listed below.

Guidelines for Submitting Article to JAADE
The Journal of the Arkansas Association for Developmental Education (JAADE) is published yearly as a medium for the exchange of information, both practical and theoretical, regarding the planning, design, implementation, instructional practices, and evaluation of programs for underprepared adult learners. The Journal is oriented toward the interest of any professional involved in these programs. To fulfill this purpose, the Journal seeks to publish both articles and descriptions of exemplary practices related to staff, faculty, management, programs, and organization of developmental education. You are invited to submit your articles for possible inclusion in the yearbook. Staff involved in TRIO programs, GED and ABE programs, developmental education programs, and other similar programs are urged to participate.
Manuscripts will be reviewed and edited, if necessary, by a review committee.

Submit a self-addressed, stamped postcard if you want receipt of the manuscript acknowledged.
Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, and otherwise prepared according to the APA style manual. Leave generous margins (at least one-inch all around) on each page.
Give the manuscript a short, informative title.
For major articles, use headings and subheadings to divide the manuscript into meaningful sections. Type major headings in all capital letters and center. Type subheadings in capital and lower case letters, flush with the left margin.
Number all pages consecutively. Do not place your name on any of these pages.
Type references in alphabetical order by author’s name, at the end of the article.
Place your name, including degree credentials; address; institution; telephone number; fax number; and e-mail address (if applicable) on a cover page only so that the manuscript may be reviewed anonymously.
Make your submissions in the form of a Microsoft Word document attached to an e-mail. If you don’t have Word, save your file as a RTF (Rich Text File).
Do not submit material that has been published previously or that is under consideration for publication elsewhere.

All articles or inquiries should be sent to:

Carl Olds

The articles below were submitted to JAADE. We are publishing them here rather than in print form.
Failures and Successes of Mastery Learning Manuscript ARKADE

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